Primary School Incursions

Teaching Children to Grow
The Sage Garden is now introducing an exciting new series of garden incursions  designed specifically for Primary Schools. Our incurs aim to bring the joys of gardening to children from Prep to Grade 6 and to nurture a sense of wonder, excitement and empowerment through growing food that is healthy for us, in a way that is healthy and sustainable for our environment.

What We Do 

The Sage Garden will provide activities tailored to the specific needs of the individual Primary Schools. These include but are not limited to:

One hour garden sessions - learning through practical gardening activities:
* Introducion 
* Three rotational activities which are tailored to the class level and VELs. The activities are:  
  - Growing - planting an edible seed to take home, writing growing information and planting ideas on a take-home calendar
  - Science - Testing soils for pH levels
  - Art - Botanical drawings of supplied germinating seeds
* Final discussion and reflection

Establishing a garden bed. This is dependant on the individual needs and requirements of the Primary School and can include:
* The supply and delivery of all materials (soil, mulch, seedlings, seeds)
The construction of the garden beds (working with existing garden beds or with our own custom built and painted garden collars)

* A one hour gardening session with the children, planting out the beds, watering, mulching and making labels
Follow-up and further education one month after the initial planting. At the request of each school, The Sage Garden can return seasonally to maintain the garden and continue to run garden sessions with the children.

The ever-changing nature of gardening keeps children intrigued and excited about being a part of the growing experience – it is an activity which can last a lifetime.

For more information, please call 0419 873 951 or visit:

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We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your children and we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss the concept.

The Sage Garden – Teaching Children to Grow