"We always planned to create a thriving vegetable garden but our patch always had more weeds than vegetables, so it was great to have Tash bring in the boxes, the beautiful soil and the seedlings and create a perfect, weed-free vegie patch in a day. All we have to do is watch our new seedlings grow and plan our future meals."
Thanks again., will transfer the money now so should definitely be in your account by Tuesday,KateP.S. Harry wants you two to move in
That was another highlight of the day, how good you both were with Harry- I bet you are awesome parents!P.S. Harry wants you two to move inThat was another highlight of the day, how good you both were with Harry- I bet you are awesome parents!That was another highlight of the day, how good you both were with Harry- I bet you are awesome parents!

Katie Langmore, home-visit


"I loved the idea of getting my 3 boys (6, 4 and 3) in the garden to get their hands dirty but hadn't ventured passed a small herb arrangement and a couple of failed tomato projects. I had heard about a project The Sage Garden had been involved in a friend's school and organised for a visit from Natasha. She had brilliant ideas of how to use the space we had available, inspired and involved the kids in the planning phase of the project and then arranged all the supplies and construction, again involving the kids at all the important stages (the planting's almost as fun as the harvest!). In the 18 months we've had our planter boxes, the kids have planted, tendered to and harvested tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, beetroot, carrot, zucchini, corn, potato, shallots, snow peas as well as a wide range of herbs. With Natasha's help, we have gone from failed herb gardeners to garden adventurers"

Andrew Ryan, home-visit

A very big thank you to you and Snoop! Harry and I had a great day, I learnt a lot and feel more confident with the garden. I really enjoyed the day and was exhausted at the end- not too sure why as you and Snoop did most of the work!! Harry was still bouncing around all night! I really love the end result and don't worry I'm taking care of your baby! I love to go out either morning or night and water and just be there!

Kate - Gipplsand Vic, home-visit

"Natasha has a passion for making things grow; she is brilliant working with people and dirt! Her gardens at our school are the highlight of the day for our students – many of them enter the school via the garden just to say hi to the new little plants or measure the growth of the super sized zucchini."

Sally Karlovic
North Melbourne Primary School
210 Errol Street
North Melbourne 3051


Natasha is one of those inspirational teachers that inspires and engages her students because she makes the learning relevant to them.  She listens to her students  (the kids) and guides them to find the knowledge they seek by getting their hands dirty.  The proof of her knowledge and experience in both horticulture and teaching is clearly evident when you look at one of her beautifully crafted gardens or at the confident and passionate faces of the children she has taught.  

Nicky Weaver
Primary School Teacher

Natasha visited our kinder to introduce the children to the pleasures of gardening. Because she is trained as a primary teacher, she is a natural with the children. They loved her friendly and engaging manner, and responded with enthusiasm and interest. Her visit was very hands on and interactive, with the children encouraged to participate and ‘get their hands dirty’. Natasha brought some wonderful props with her which held the children’s interest and prompted follow up learning. We loved having Natasha visit our kinder and look forward to her return.

Jenny Goldsmith. Ewing Kindergarten. Malvern East.